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My Fall Will Be For You

Ballad of a Beautiful Baron

Dorian Alexi Wilde
12 November 1987
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The Morbid Incantations - Glimpses of a Gentle Warrior

I am a young adult, a non-binary FTM (female-to-male transsexual or transman), a pansexual individual, a feminist, a non-conformist, a goth, a metalhead, a Malaysian who hates the way his country is run, an East Indian who does not believe in race, a truth seeker, a music lover, a free thinker religionwise and every other kind of -wise, a Dom, a child... I am myself and will not be classified by whatever stereotypes commonly associated with whichever group I seem to fit into.

Above all, I am an individual; an individual that will not bow to society's will - not anymore.

The Passions of A Beautiful Baron

Maintainer of queermalaysians

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